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You’re the overseer and your mission is to keep your dwellers alive. It’s not straightforward. There’s radiation, large roaches, fireplace, vicious raiders and above all, the tragedy of the commons. Nuclear warfare will do that to ya.Fallout Shelter

Charisma: Charismatic dwellers are your most charming residents and are best suited to work in radio stations. They’re additionally higher flirters and can sweep different dwellers off their ft quicker, so that they’re your best wager for rising the population of your vault in a rush.

Diner: This is the first food useful resource manufacturing building. It’s best staffed by dwellers with high Agility. Vaults with fewer dwellers don’t need as a lot meals, so one room staffed by 1-2 dwellers with 10 Agility must be effective, but bear in mind to depart room for growth.

Since all rooms have a selected S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skill designated to it, assign the dwellers with the very best stage of the skill particular to that room (Power for Energy Turbines, and so on.). The upper the precise ability stage of the dwellers in the room, the more environment friendly that room is at manufacturing.

Once you build a radio room and staff it, it is going to ship out a name for brand new dwellers infrequently. With every name, there’s an opportunity of a new dweller arriving at the doorstep. If the timer in the radio room reaches zero with no response, it is going to restart automatically.

Hey, it happens. Dwellers kick the bucket after they run out of health, which may happen on account of illness or an attack in your vault. The best method is of course to prevent them from dying by giving them either a Stimpak to heal them or a RadAway to remove radiation. However generally they simply, effectively, die. And the very last thing you want is a stinky corpse lying round in your vault.

The medbay produces stimpaks and is greatest labored by dwellers with a excessive Intelligence. Stimpacks heal your dwellers and will be given to explorers before they exit into the wastelands. Stimpaks are nice at preserving your dwellers alive throughout incidents.